Las Aventuras en el Abismo Estrecho

Adventures on the Narrow Straights:
an analysis of the stretched abyss



London is getting cooler, but gradually. Does life stagnate with the shorter days, the rush to be indoors, the hot chocolates? Winter forces a hibernation of the mind, drawing me to things passive and communal. But it's the opposite I need right now: so much is speeding up I am trying to be up there and catch up. As the weather slowly creeps toward the bitter cold I am turning a blind eye and running toward the light. But because of the slow slip into sultry stagnation I don't notice how my mind is slowing down, my body is fattening up the reserves to survive yet another couple of months of freezing.
While the festivities brew, mulled wine simmers and vacations loom, I need to keep my head out of the clouds and into the world's work. Three different projects, big life changes, and it could go wrong any moment. New year, new goals, new opportunities. Time to get a move on.



The lights were blue and your face had shadows even deeper than originally. You skipped ahead in your mid-high heels and knee-length cocktail dress, and seemed to be happy on the outside. Funny how your troubles can be invisible to the universe in the depths of a nightclub playing technological beats that cater to oblivion. I remember what I would have done if I hadn't thought of him. Predatorial glances, the occasional chat-up attempt; my cautious moves to avoid being grabbed by a stranger or the even-worse the candid cock-grind. Who are we all being now. Alcohol-induced forwardness that leads you backwards. Friendly bouncer at the door, why did we want to be here? Smiles and whiles. I used to live for this and now it's all rushing around me.. it exists, it continues to flow and rush and flourish without me. I put my drink down, another empty glass. I swing around for another empty dance. The lights come on, the empty faces face each other in disbelief. Time to go home.