Las Aventuras en el Abismo Estrecho

Adventures on the Narrow Straights:
an analysis of the stretched abyss



The lights were blue and your face had shadows even deeper than originally. You skipped ahead in your mid-high heels and knee-length cocktail dress, and seemed to be happy on the outside. Funny how your troubles can be invisible to the universe in the depths of a nightclub playing technological beats that cater to oblivion. I remember what I would have done if I hadn't thought of him. Predatorial glances, the occasional chat-up attempt; my cautious moves to avoid being grabbed by a stranger or the even-worse the candid cock-grind. Who are we all being now. Alcohol-induced forwardness that leads you backwards. Friendly bouncer at the door, why did we want to be here? Smiles and whiles. I used to live for this and now it's all rushing around me.. it exists, it continues to flow and rush and flourish without me. I put my drink down, another empty glass. I swing around for another empty dance. The lights come on, the empty faces face each other in disbelief. Time to go home.

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